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The Centre for Swedish Studies is an educational and information center whose main activity is the organization of courses in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic and Dutch, as well as cultural and information events to spread knowledge about Sweden and other Nordic countries.

The Centre for Swedish Studies was founded in March 2002 with the support of the Swedish Institute, Stockholm.

The first academic program was created in collaboration with the University of Southern Stockholm and was dedicated to the knowledge about Sweden and the Swedish language.

Since March 2005, the Swedish Centre is a part of the Center for International Studies (CfIS), an information and research organization.

Do you want to learn one of the Scandinavian languages? Or you are learning, but would like to improve your knowledge at the courses with native speakers? Join our courses, we will be glad to see you!
The courses are held at different levels: from beginners to proficiency (A1 - C1)
 Are you familiar with the “lagom” conсept – an amount or a state which is ‘just right’. Or would you like to understand the meanings of all the names in IKEA? Probably you like to take coffee breaks just as much as the Swedes like fika. If you recognize yourself in this description, then register for Swedish language courses at the Center for Swedish Studies as soon as possible!
Norway is a land of fjords, majestic nature and polar lights. The inhabitants are calm, hardworking and reserved. Anyone who has ever visited this country never remains indifferent. If Norway occupies a special place in your heart, you can learn this Nordic language at the language courses in the Center for Swedish Studies.
Finnish is ideal for lovers of sauna and a real winter, for those who dream of seeing the Northern lights and visiting the home of the real Santa. The unique and unlike anything else language grabs your attention from the first lesson. You can start learning it at the language courses at the Center for Swedish Studies.
What opportunities can Dutch give you? Dutch is the native language of more than 23 million people. It’s mainly spoken in the Netherlands and northern Belgium as well as in some areas of northern France and Germany. Mastering the language will open the door to education, internships and jobs. What you need to do is to take one step – enroll for the language courses of the Center for Swedish Studies.
According to studies, the Danes are the happiest and most serene people in the world. It was they who invented such a concept as "hygge" – a bit of coziness and comfortable communication with feelings of well-being and deep satisfaction. Would you like to be part of such a way of life? Don’t wait and enroll for a language course at the Center for Swedish Studies!
Iceland is a remote country that is attractive for its natural landscapes and northern atmosphere. And their language is as unique as this inaccessible island. Do you want to get closer to an ancient culture that has remained untouched since the 9th and 10th centuries, and be one of 300 thousand people who speak this language? Then the language courses of the Center
for Swedish Studies are your ideal opportunity!
Unique languages
Language courses in UNIQUE LANGUAGES (Swedish, Finnish, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Icelandic) at different levels
Unique programs
Modern educational literature, updated and replenished annually
From level B1, training is conducted in the taught language - a smooth transition gradually begins from level A2
Free trial lesson
Free trial language classes
Free events
  • meetings with native speakers
  • speaking clubs
  • consultations on educational opportunities in the countries of the region
  • open events, cultural and educational projects
Highly qualified enthusiastic teachers who have completed internships in the countries of the languages taught
Student internship at the Center
The possibility of internship at the center for students
Our teachers
Highly qualified teachers, many of whom have studied abroad and confirmed the level of language proficiency by international tests.
All students who have attended more than 50% of classes and have passed the final test are eligible for a certificate in Swedish/Norwegian/Danish/Finnish/Dutch/Icelandic
Work experience of the Center
In 2021, our Center turned 20 years old! This figure is an excellent proof of our competence and success. Our teachers know their job perfectly and will help you understand any language! After all, thousands of students have graduated over the years! With us you will forget what a language barrier is!
Teaching methods
Every year our teachers attend international conferences on the methodology of teaching languages. Authentic materials, cultural and historical competence, communicative methodology - all this is waiting for you in our classes. Forget about memorizing boring topics, tedious translations and cramming!
Additional special courses
Are you preparing to pass Tisus? Or are you thinking about moving to Norway and passing the exam? In our Center you have a chance to prepare for various national tests to confirm the level of language proficiency. Write to us and we will advise you on the tests and their preparation
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