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Zybitskaya 6, office 27

Zybitskaya 6, office 27

+375172635813 info@swedishcentre.org
+37529(29) 3314445
+375172635813 info@swedishcentre.org
+37529(29) 3314445

Zybitskaya 6, office 27


Swedish Institute

The Royal Society for Swedish Culture Abroad

Swedish Embassy in Belarus

Embassy Office of Finland in Belarus

French-Belarusian Center for European Studies

French educational program in the field of law and social sciences. The project was created with the support of the Embassy of France in the Republic of Belarus in cooperation with the University of Bordeaux. The students who successfully pass the exams receive a university certificate in the Social sciences and European studies (3 years of study) and a Master's Degree 1 (Master 1) in the specialty "European Law" (additional 2 years of study), issued by the University of Bordeaux.

Volvo Privilege Club

Privilege Club is a unique loyalty program for Volvo car owners. The program has been in operation since 2007. Members of this club are given a large set of discounts.

ODB Brussels

Non-profit, non-governmental organization, founded in 2006 in Brussels. The aim of the organization is to promote European values and implement projects based on European experience. In Belarus, ODB Brussels creates opportunities for local institutions, non-profit organizations and professional groups, which allows improving the standard of living of citizens and introducing positive changes in society.


A team of like-minded volunteers, for whom education is a lifestyle! The organization develops materials on education in Belarus and abroad. It also disseminates information about various educational opportunities: internships, volunteer programs, scholarships, conferences and events.

Danish Cultural Institute

The organization that promotes the dissemination of knowledge about the Danish and international cultures. Since 1940, the Danish Cultural Institute has been developing mutual understanding between people and cultures. Together with partners, the institution creates many social events in different countries.

European Union National Institutes for Culture

The organization that helps build trust and mutual understanding between the peoples of Europe and the rest of the world through culture. It was founded in 2006. The institution is a partner of the European Commission and other European institutions in definition and implementation of European cultural policies.


Preply is a platform for learning subjects, languages or hobbies with online tutors according to any preferences. Preply includes more than 29 000 professional tutors from 185 countries.

Nordic Literature Week

Nordic Literature Week is a project carried out by the Nordic Countries Union "Norden" so as to popularize Scandinavian literature and education in the Nordic countries and neighboring regions. The project is interesting, because it enables to instill in children love for reading in general and for reading in their native language in particular, as well as broaden their horizons by studying foreign children's literature.

Norden Associations Federal

Norden Associations Federal is a cooperative body for the national Nordic associations. It includes the cooperation between 5 Nordic countries and 3 autonomous territories. The main task is to coordinate the common interests of national associations in the work of strengthening popular Nordic cooperation at all levels.

Centre for active longevity

The organization for older people, helping to create conditions for decent aging and realize dreams and ideas of every person. It provides opportunities to obtain relevant knowledge in various areas, as well as to find friends and like-minded people.


Internet magazine for teenagers. Each teenager can not only find interesting articles, news, posters in the magazine, but also ask their own questions. Each question is examined by experts and specialists, and then an objective answer is given.

Minsk State Palace of Children and Youth

One of the largest socio-cultural and educational out-of-school institutions in Belarus, CIS countries and Europe. The palace includes over 800 sections and clubs of various directions. They are visited by more than 8,000 children and adolescents. Also, the Palace allows to create a unique form of cooperation between teachers, children and their parents.

Gymnasium №42 in Minsk

State institution of general secondary education, the purpose of which is to satisfy the educational demands of all participants of the educational process. Since 2013, gymnasium number 42 is named after the Nobel Prize laureate J.I. Alferov. On the basis of the gymnasium, many projects, contests and events are organized.


The Institute for Advanced Studies and Retraining within "Belarusian State University of Culture and Arts" is the leading institution in the system of additional adult education in the sphere of culture. The institution carries out activities in the following areas: - information and analytical support for the activities of educational institutions and cultural organizations of Belarus, as well as the implementation of tasks aimed at informational and practical support of the activities of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus; - support of the activities of the special fund of the President of the Republic of Belarus to support talented youth; - development and maintenance of up-to-date information resources ("Integrated Database of Cultural Institutions"); - implementation of the activity of the branch service of intellectual property in the sphere of culture.

Republican Scientific and Technical Library

The Republican Scientific and Technical Library (RSTL) was established by Resolution No. 68 of the Council of Ministers of the BSSR dated February 25, 1977 on the basis of the Scientific and Technical Library of the Belarusian Scientific Research Institute of Scientific and Technical Information and Techno-Economic Research from March 1, 1977.

RSTL is under the authority of the State Committee on Science and Technology of the Republic of Belarus.

The mission of the RSTL is to promote the development of the scientific and technical sphere of the Republic of Belarus by ensuring maximum access to its own, republican and international information resources for users of all regions of Belarus.

Every year, over 20 thousand visitors, 2 thousand enterprises and institutions of the republic use the library services, which are provided with more than 4 million documents and their copies.