+375172635813 info@swedishcentre.org
+37529(29) 3314445

Zybitskaya 6, office 27

Zybitskaya 6, office 27

+375172635813 info@swedishcentre.org
+37529(29) 3314445
+375172635813 info@swedishcentre.org
+37529(29) 3314445

Zybitskaya 6, office 27

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About Us

The Centre for Swedish Studies is an educational and information centre. Its main activity is the organization of courses in Swedish, Norwegian, Finnish, Danish, Icelandic and Dutch as well as cultural and information activities to disseminate knowledge about Sweden and other Nordic countries.


Advantages and services of the Centre:

  • Courses of unique languages at different levels at a good price
  • Modern educational literature, annually updated and included in the courses price 
  • Convenient schedule and location of the Centre
  • Free meetings with native speakers
  • Free test language classes
  • Free conversational clubs
  • Free language internships (on a competitive basis)
  • Free consultations on educational opportunities in the region
  • Many free open events, as well as cultural and educational projects
  • Highly qualified teachers, who have been trained in the countries of taught languages 
  • A unique opportunity to take an international test in Swedish Tisus at the Centre
  • More than 1000 books (original and adapted literature in all Northern European languages as well as in English, Russian and Belarusian)! There is no such collection of books anywhere in Belarus! Books are also available to those who do not study at the Centre. FREE OF CHARGE!
  • Audio and video materials (most of them cannot be found on the Internet) are also available to those who do not study at the Centre. FREE OF CHARGE!
  • In case of the successful completion of any language course, students receive an official certificate of the Centre
  • Cooperation with the Swedish largest organizations in the field of Swedish studies abroad
  • Collaboration with the diplomatic missions of several countries of the region: joint events, participation in which is always FREE
  • Internship for students at the Centre
  • Amazing atmosphere and meeting place


FEEDBACK about our work can be found on our website or relax.by.


NEWSLETTER! The Centre regularly makes creative and interesting newsletters about current news and events. You can subscribe and be aware of all educational and cultural events of the Centre as well as learn about the news of our partners. To subscribe, please, send any message to centreforswedishstudies@gmail.com.

Our history

The Centre for Swedish Studies was founded in March 2002 with the support of the Swedish Institute, Stockholm.                     

The first academic program was created in collaboration with the University of Southern Stockholm and was dedicated to the knowledge about Sweden and the Swedish language.                     

Since March 2005, the Swedish Centre is a part of the Center for International Studies (CfIS), an information and research organization, which brings together the activities of two institutions: the French-Belarusian Centre (CFB) and the Centre for Swedish Studies.                     

 Among other partners is the Embassy of Sweden in Belarus, which cooperates with the Centre in carrying out various cultural and information activities. Also, the Swedish Institute and the Royal Association "Contact with Sweden" can be named.