Reasons to choose the Center for Swedish Studies

📌 Has your heart always been drawn to Scandinavia, and have you been thinking about learning Swedish, Danish, Norwegian or Finnish for a long time?

If your answer is yes, then we offer you to study at our Center!

📎 Why should you choose us?

1. We employ highly qualified teachers who have completed internships in the countries of the languages taught, and also annually attend international conferences on the methodology of language teaching. Authentic materials, cultural and historical competence, communicative methodology - all this is waiting for you in our classes. Forget about memorizing boring topics, tedious translations and cramming!

2. Students can get a certificate in any language.

3. In addition, you will have meetings with native speakers, speaking clubs, consultations on educational opportunities of the countries of the region, cultural and educational projects

4. Modern educational literature, updated annually

From level B1, teaching is conducted in the taught language - a smooth transition gradually begins from level A2

You can try it out on your own experience - first by attending a free trial class, and then by enrolling in our courses!

📎 All information can be found in our Instagram profile